The Digest. 03.29.10.

Hyena, by Ping Zhu. (Image courtesy of Ping Zhu.)


  1. Brian

    Kool-Aid Man in Second Life was part of a Fotofest exhibition called “Poke!” in Houston last year. There was an exhibition event at a local bar, and Jon Rafman gave us a live tour through Second Life. I don’t think I had near enough beer in me when he took us into into the sex clubs. Disturbing and fascinating.

  2. Beverly Ress

    I heard about the Museum of Menstruation years ago from my friend Teresa Riordan. She discovered it while researching her book, “Inventing Beauty (A History of the Innovations that Have Made Us Beautiful!)”. It’s a good read – covers everything from eyes to derrieres. My favorite is the vibrators in the 1918 Sears Roebuck catalog, shown along with other appliances – egg beaters and radiators!

  3. marshall

    Dennis Hopper show at MOCA would be a step in the right direction. There were a number of Dennis Hopper photos used for the Allan Kaprow retrospective, and I’d love to see more in the museum. I just hope they can preserve the intimacy of the scale of the images.