C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: A print by Aaron Johnson.

Bad Precedent, by Aaron Johnson. (Image courtesy of NOWhere Limited.)

Hey Folks:

The folks at NOWhere Limited, an online prints shop out of Colorado, along with artist Aaron Johnson, have kindly given us a print to give away on C-Mon. Y’all know the drill. Leave a comment and it could soon be hangin’ on yer walls.



  1. Alva Svoboda

    Not sure if I do know the drill, but I love the print’s psychedelic splatter-cubism, would definitely hang it if I had it.

  2. Howie

    That is way way cool! Aaron Johnson and NOWhere Limited Rock!

    Alas I am not allowed to win since I know C-Monster. But I can shower praise!

  3. eugenio

    I really wish I could have it, so I could force the wife into putting it into a wall. That way I could create a good precedent.

  4. Katarina

    Great silkscreen! I love the exploding features, and given that The Nose was just here in NYC, seems to resonate. Hope you choose me, but regardless, a generous giveaway by you, the artist & gallery.

  5. erin

    Looks like his neck threw up in a grotesque but killer psychadelic way. Bad Precedent? Love it. Nice work, Aaron Johnson!

  6. Lauren

    That is awesome! A nice treat for an unpaid curatorial intern? And a great way to confuse my future roommate.

  7. Jon Dodd

    Love this guys work. Check out his website it has a ton of other great paintings.

  8. Ryan

    The screen work is pretty good on this. Seen some up-close shots posted on another site. Well done!

  9. Teri

    I love this piece of artwork and the up close details are stunning…our new living room really needs the color and playfulness of this piece

    ….congrats to whomever wins it….

  10. Derek

    Looks amazing, but I really need to see this print in person to properly appreciate it. Great contest, good luck posters.

  11. c-monster

    Hey Folks. Thanks for all the comments!!! Will get down to selecting the winner shortly… xox, C.

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