On the road…

I’m takin’ a break from the Digest and affiliated art B.S. The next coupla weeks are gonna be about getting in a little R&R and going on what promises to be a pretty badass roadtrip. Naturally, I’ll have updates of weird/cool stuff I see and eat. In the meantime, check out my new movie. I think it’s got Golden Globe written all over it.

See ya on the dark side.



  1. Howie

    BRILLIANT! Though I am ordering you a steadycam. That was LA huh? Your missing sunny 75F! Who wouldathunk you would be traveling to LA for cold weather?

  2. erin

    i love that tiled through way…the red is the middle…learned that from back in the days when field trips happened at LAX.

  3. c-monster

    the shaky camera work is because this is cinema VERITE, people.

    plus, it’s hard to hold a camera when you’re carrying luggage and your subject keeps trying to run away from you…

  4. Yvonne Connasse

    Brilliant! I’m submitting this for next years “Best Live Short Subject with a Flip Video” category at the Oscars…

  5. Howie

    We will get you a steady cam with the luggage holding accessory and some rope to ensure the subject doesn’t move to fast.