Roadtrip Photo Diary: Donald Judd at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Tex.

Spent an afternoon running around Donald Judd’s aluminum and concrete boxes at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa. The place is intense — wide open West Texas plain meets the hard edges of abstract geometric sculpture. It’s harsh, but not without its moments of great beauty. My favorite part: the way the sky was reflected in Judd’s metal sculptures, 100 Untitled Works in Milled Aluminum.

Photos by C-M.


  1. marshall

    I notice that Prada Marfa got a new security camera since my visit. How did the glass and insides look? Is it still the bullet riddled, Great Pyramid of Giza of insect tombs/terrariums?

  2. c-monster

    it looked all nice and shiny. totally against the initial idea of decay the piece initially espoused…. lol.

  3. marshall

    Even inside? When I saw it it was like a beautiful tomb. The idea of it as a “straight Prada store” seems so much less interesting.