Photo Diary: Gettin’ rednecky at Mullet Toss 2010!!

“Rednecks” get crunky on lots of domestic beer at Mullet Toss 2010 on the Florida/Alabama border. Best viewed LARGE. In fact, this photo is so damn good, y’all better make it your desktop wallpaper. (Photos by C-M.)

In the event that you were wondering what the redneckiest of redneck events in these continental United States might consist of, I’ll fill you in: the Interstate Mullet Toss — an annual party in which the good folk of the Florida panhandle get together at an old honky tonk called the Florabama to toss mullets across the state line, drink lots of bushwackers and Bud and cheer on the local ladies during the bikini contest. Naturally, there’s also plenty of clothing removal and occasional fist-fighting. Though, admittedly, it’s not all straight-up rednecks. There are also redneck wannabes, redneck-watchers and rednecks-in-training. All around, it was an excellent time. And, for the record, I threw my mullet 38.2 feet. Not bad for a virgin.

Many more photos after the jump. Click on images to supersize. You know you want to see ‘em.

Me, me, me… tossing a dead fish into Alabama.

Celso regulates… tossing that sucker more than 75 feet.


  1. Sarah

    The autographed bra decor is delightfully tacky, yet refined. It reminds me of Ursula Meyer’s bra going at auction for $60,000. Maybe there’s some gems on that line.

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  3. peet

    oh… my… god… this is awesome. How do you find out about these things? And then, how do you manage to pull off actually being there?!

    Nice tosses by you and el Celso :) what was the prize for the longest mullet fling? Free mullet haircut hopefully

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