C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: My Lonely Planet guide to Peru.

This spitting camelid could be yours. All yours.

If you were into those posts I did about surreal sights in Lima and scrumptious Peruvian cooking, all of that hard-earned research (and much, much more) is now available in guidebook form from Lonely Planet. (I helped co-author this puppy, so please buuuuy it!) I do have one extra copy on-hand, however, for a single lucky ceviche-muncher. Leave a comment below and all my Lima fine-dining secrets could be yours gratis.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Steven

    Camelids and ceviche and C-Monsters are among my very favorite c-things. Do I win?

  2. Fono


    Spitting camelids! Yes please. Extra yes please if teh radioactive Inca Kola is involved. \o/

  3. herump

    Ssssoooo… is this like public radio where I can’t re-enter a contest for so many days after winning a previous give-away? Awshucks. I can at least vouche to all you other hopefuls that dreams really do come true on c-monster. And what a dream. Just incase your wonderin I ran those Lima links by a fancy-smancy Chinese trained Peruvian chef friend of mine and got the native’s rating of entushastic thumbs-up along with notes taken. Guess I’ll buy the book and start hopping southbound trains.

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