Walk the Walk: Kate Gilmore in Bryant Park.

Seven ladies, seven yellow dress, one yellow cube. (Photos by C-M.)

I spent some quality time in Bryant Park taking in Kate Gilmore‘s latest performance piece, Walk the Walk. The bright splash of yellow at the edge of the park was a visual spectacle — especially on a grey day like yesterday. But the ladies looked bored and tired and cold, and, as a result, I felt much the same way after a while.

Find the New York Times review here. Video after the jump. The show runs through Friday at 6:30pm.


  1. rwdotcom

    After walking 10 miles in heels in 50 degree weather, most of us will look bored, tired and cold. We’re probably at the end of our shift & half crazy, mentally numb, and just trying to get through it. Come at the beginning of the shift to see the difference! This is a true endurance test, and the viewer will have a totally different experience depending on what time of day and in what weather she happens by. This truly is a time-based piece.

    Hope to see you again!

  2. jason lujan

    i walk by them daily and wow poor girls. talk about a bad idea getting worse when put into practice.