The C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: Beyond the Street.

Pages devoted to U.K. artist Lucy McLauchlan in Beyond the Street. (Image courtesy of  Gestalten.)

All right folks, we’ve got a big fat goodie for giveaway purposes: a brand-spankin’ new copy of Patrick Nguyen and Stewart Stuart Mackenzie’s Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art, a nearly 400-page tome that weighs as much as a small dog and features a bonanza of photographs and interviews with everyone from Blu to Swoon to Os Gemeos to Jonathan LeVine.

This sucker usually retails for $78 in the States, but the folks at Gestalten have been kind enough to supply me with an extra copy for the purposes of a reader giveaway. Y’all know the drill: leave a comment below and I’ll be contacting one lucky dog by the weekend.



  1. marshall

    This would be the perfect large object for me to ironically beat up the taggers who keep hitting my back fence with. Mine!

  2. KDM

    I feel the luckiest. Skipped the usual one after lucky and went right for the luckiest…oh that’ll never work.

    Good luck to all:-)

  3. Stephanie

    It may only weigh as much as a small dog, but I promise I’ll walk and feed and love it as much as I do my big dog. And my big dog assures me he always wanted a street-savvy playmate.

  4. Patrick

    I’ve always wanted something approximately the size of a small dog that didn’t bark or poop. Pick me!

  5. Stuart Mackenzie

    Might be worth spelling my name correctly! (Stuart). Hope the winner enjoys the book.

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