On the water in NYC with Marie Lorenz.

Spent Sunday at dawn paddling around Randall’s Island with artist Marie Lorenz, as part of her long-running project, The Tide and Current Taxi. It was all kinds of awesome. My WNYC colleague Jennifer Hsu made the most wonderful video of the whole experience (that’s her in action, above). Check out our report over at WNYC Culture.


  1. peet

    wow- brave souls indeed… I live next to astoria park under the triboro bridge in queens and walk by the river there (hellgate) almost every evening. the currents are CRAZY! whirlpools of gigantic size are common, as is one part of the river flowing at a good clip in one direction and another part flowing the opposite way! hope you went at a calm-ish time :)

  2. c-monster

    actually, we were going to go through hellgate but it got too windy. Marie said that if for any reason, we ended up getting pushed into the main current, we’d be shot down the East River at 5 knots. later that same day there were tornado warnings. it was a good call.

    i guess they don’t call it hellgate for nothing!