Photo Diary:The Florida panhandle, pre-spill.

Inlet Beach. (All photos by C-M.)

In the course of some of my magazine assignments, I’ve gotten to know the Florida panhandle — which has made the spill in the Gulf feel like a personal affront. This isn’t some abstract environmental disaster in my mind. I’ve met, eaten, drank and hung out with the folks who live and work in this area. I feel at a loss on how I might do anything constructive, so I thought I might pay photographic tribute to an area that has shown me plenty of hospitality and some very good times.

A godwit races down the beach in Inlet.

My bitchin’ macaroni-and-cheese Mustang on a shady road in Sea Grove, a town that was once known as Sea Groovy, where the residents grew pot on their roofs in the 60s and 70s.

At the Red Bar in Grayton Beach: A bubba tried to pick me up here once. Told me the water in the Gulf washed away all sin.

Making baked oysters with friends.

My feet in the sand.

The beach at Santa Rosa.

Entering Pensacola Beach from Gulf Breeze.

At Fort Pickens, where Geronimo was once held.

A view of Pensacola Beach.

A Futuro House. Apparently, the guy who lives here rode out Hurricane Ivan in it.

Sailing aboard the Tangerine in Pensacola Bay. It’s a hard life. Someone’s gotta live it.

Pensacola public access. Showcasing non-ironic taxidermy.

At Peg Leg Pete’s in Pensacola Beach: The best damn oysters.

Sunset over Pensacola Bay.

The snack machine at Sabine’s Sand Bar, in Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola moon rise.

And, of course, my photos from Mullet Toss 2010.


  1. Jim Linderman

    I’m with you. My folks used to stay at Gulf Shores, snowbirds.
    I’d go down and run across the bridge, used to tell people “I jogged from Alabama to Florida today.” Every morning the horizon filled with a row of dolphin. I think if you can dig a hole so deep you can’t get out of it, you shouldn’t dig it.

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  3. Karen

    May I copy some of these? I did and then I thought I did not see a share button. Will it be okay?

  4. c-monster

    as long as it’s not for commercial purposes and provide a credit if they end up somewhere… thanks for asking, by the way. most people just grab.