Calendar. 06.15.10.

The Fontainebleau, in Miami Beach, designed by architect Morris Lapidus, 1954. Lapidus is currently the subject of the exhibit A Question for Emotion and Motion in Architecture at Art Center/South Florida, through July 18. See the Miami Herald story here. (Photo by Telstar Logistics.)


  1. Ries

    Morris was the Man.

    I particularly like his motto, which he came up with in response to Mies and Minimalism-

    Lapidus said-
    “Less is not More. More is More.”

  2. c-monster

    he is the man! i love this building, too — and his thoughts behind some of the crazy designs. Unfortunately, it was redone last year, and the new owners went the full douche: thumping music. purple stuff. too much black. it’s pretty craptastic.