1. c-monster

    ’tis puzzling, isn’t it? they must, because some people out in the internetz seem very indignant about the fact that most of the art on the show is bad. i have to confess: the bad art makes me want to watch it MORE.

  2. Joanne Mattera

    Project Runway, same thing. I think we know how the producers will go: young, male, good looking. (Love you, Judith, but the odds are way stacked against you.)

  3. marshall

    I’d like the show more if the art was worse, frankly. The most depressing “character” to watch is Jaclyn Santos, because she obviously has a tremendous amount of technical skill (as a painter, and only as a painter), but its married to a completely imitative and derivative practice.

    Have you read her own blog post about episode 2 and her “5th grader does Koons” rip off? It’s a catastrophe of hubris from someone with a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease.

  4. Paddy Johnson

    It doesn’t bother me that the work is bad, just that that’s not the only criteria for elimination in the game. That personality is also a factor would also be fine with me, if they made that aspect a little more transparent. I guess that ruins the fun though.

    Is that Jaclyn Santos wearing a hat? She barely looks herself.

  5. jason lujan

    as someone who knows crew and staff who work on “reality” show (scare quotes are mine) the amount of manipulation by producers is so high that if you knew, you’d never watch these programs again, ever. they are a fiction.

  6. c-monster

    @paddy: i guess this is their nod towards transparency. a 1/2 second screen flash at the end of the show… and yeah, these reality competition shows aren’t really about the subject at hand. they’re about the clash of personalities. really, a type of soap. i’ve always figured the competition activity on these shows was incidental (designing fashion, making food, cutting hair, etc.), it’s really about the drama of the people…

    @jason: i don’t mind if it’s fake. in the same way i don’t mind that ding dongs are fake.

  7. martin

    i wonder what the contract says about the cash prize and solo museum show in the event the show gets canceled mid-run… ?