Today, I’m all Gallerina.

Y’all can find my NYC area picks over at WNYC today. Thanks to my esteemed colleague Yvonne Connasse for the link to the video. So y’all know, this is how I do the Met.

The Incredibly Brief #workoFart recap: “Untrained” artist Erik is out, in an episode that was the art industry’s answer to Fight Club. (Mainly, skinny people — principally Erik — calling each other stuff like “douche” and “art pussy”. So raw and aggressive!) Jaclyn, who until this point has principally been known for her tittays, is now taking on a maternal arc in the narrative. She was interviewed authoritatively about all kinds of stuff. In the meantime, El Saltzino — who spent the episode asking why? why? why? — says that people in the art world have been pulling him over and asking him to “please stop.”

Best in show: In case y’all are looking for some brilliance, Keith Plocek at Glasstire turned the Is This Art? iPhone app onto the show itself. And it tells us everything we need to know.

Until next week…


  1. marshall

    Look at Saltz playing all scared of the artist! Erik is so dangerous, someone better get a restraining order before he hurts someone. What’s with the thin skins of art world folks these days?