Over at Gallerina today.

Hey Y’all: It’s Thursday and you can find my New York Datebook over at WNYC.

In the meantime, this week’s Incredibly Brief #workoFart Recap: There was titties, there was talk about masturbation, there was titties, and actual masturbation, more titties  and masturbatory talk about masturbation. It was just like the real art world!!! Anyhow, the quick lowdown on “plot” development: China is most definitely a fembot, Miles emerged as a seriously backstabby manipulator and the artists, paired up in teams to explore universal dichotomies, produced some of the weakest art of the season. The big news: Mark is out (over Peregrine’s idea). And behind-the-scenes, El Saltzino almost stole the show with his package.

Until next week…

Image courtesy of Rosino.

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