Calendar. 08.17.10.

Flag, 2008, by Leo Villareal. From his solo exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art, opening Wednesday. (Image courtesy of the San Jose Museum of Art.)


  1. ryan

    I find Trecartin’s videos entertaining though the whole installation ‘stage set’ does nothing for me. While the films are well done and inventive, the physical space feels like the cliche of installation art: messy found objects scattered about in Thomas Hirshhorn-like configurations. I wonder if Trecartin was making ‘stage sets’ to accompany the films before he hit it big — or were they created to fill commercial art galleries with tangible art?

  2. c-monster

    Agreed, I feel the installation pieces are a hot mess and could use some serious editing. But I guess the thing that I don’t get about the videos is that I find them totally repetitive, to the point of annoyance. I gotta confess, I like watching YouTube better. Am I missing something?