The Digest. 08.18.10

Deck Unit, 2008, by Matthias Merkel Hess. This sculpture was disassembled after its display and pieces of it were reincorporated into Merkel Hess’s piece in Wet Paint 2, at Steve Turner Contemporary in L.A., currently on view. (Image courtesy of Merkel Hess.)


  1. Yvonne Connasse

    Re: “Climbing Big Bambú”, my favorite item on the instructions list has to be: “You must weigh less than 400 pounds”! Only in the U.S. kids, only in the U.S….


    congrats on the awesome stroller piece, and thanks for the diaper link. Just a clarification, though, Martin is front and center in those poo drawings; he found them a few years ago, posted them, and then referred to them again recently, which is where I saw them. The inordinate interest in their creator, however, is my own.

  3. c-monster

    ha! ok. will amend!!!!

    and i guess you haven’t yet completed Freud’s anal stage? or is that getting personal?