Today you’ll find me at ARTnews.

Asco’s Spray Paint LACMA, 1972. (Image courtesy of Harry Gamboa Jr.)

Hey Folks:

Taking the week off because it’s the freakin’ end of summer and I’ve got work comin’ out the hoo-ha. In the meantime, may I kindly direct you to ARTnews magazine’s September issue, where I’ve got a story on Chicano art — one of the most challenging pieces of writing I’ve ever done.

So, if you want to learn all about what went down in the photo above (that’s really LACMA and it was really sprayed) and you’re keen on reading about a crew of artists who you may not know, but whom you should…then, by all means, click right here. Or, better yet, pick up the mag, which is on newsstands now.



  1. Tavo Gonzalez

    Congratulations on your great writing and the good illustration you gave us of how the Chicano Art is now. It is important to grow the presence of Chicano artists in North America and the world in general and little by little have become a genre that it differs from current and former Mexican art. I’m an artist I live near San Antonio in the border on the Mexican side, I always kept abreast of what happens between Mexican artists living in the U.S. area, and I’m glad that little by little colleagues appear on the art scene. I think the influence of Latino art in America can be stronger because Latinos have a special creativity and a strong identity unfortunately sometimes you have to gain ground with actions like Gamboa and his colleagues did at LACMA. Greetings!