Photo Diary: When classicism meets the northern Peruvian coast.

Peru has always struck me as a totally whacked out place for its extravagant fusion of cultures. But the city of Chiclayo has taken it to another level. In an area of the arid northern coast once ruled by the Moche (a culture known for its sublime ceramic sculpture), you can feast your eyes on a city park stuffed full of faux classical statuary made of the finest plaster fiberglass money can buy.

On a sort of related note: This is where my family hails from. Ciudad heroica, indeed.


  1. eugenio

    a couple of comments.

    a) i believe Narchitecture can only be used in places such as Tijuana, Miami, Medellin, etc.
    b) i always thought you were chicana.

  2. San-suzie

    C-mon, the material can’t really be plaster unless there is absolutely no rain EVER there. I’m gonna say it’s probably cast stone or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete or even fiberglass.

    But extraordinary no matter what they’re made out of.

  3. c-monster

    @Eugenio: dude, peru puts the narco in architecture (where do you think all that coca that ends up in medellin comes from?) and nope, not chicana. chiclayana. lol.
    @San Suzie: you are so right. though it barely rains in this area (it’s desert), these were probably fiberglass.