Photo Diary: Sew Draw at Pandemic in Brooklyn.

Because I am on a roll, I made it to the opening of the Pandemic Gallery’s Sew Draw show this past weekend in Brooklyn — and all I gotta say is: Get. Over. There. The rubber sculptures made by Allison Read Smith (out of scraps of roofing rubber) are all kinds of wonderful. The show also includes some highly interesting drawings by Richie Lasanksy.

As always, it’s Thursday, which means you can find my arty New York listings over at Gallerina. (Look for the link to the slug sex video. It’s amazing.) Also, I got to collaborate with Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City on a little report related to The Sound of Art. Woo Hoo!!!

(Photos by C-M.)


  1. Jessie Smith

    Not only a GREAT show by two wonderfully talented artists, but a fantastic gathering of friends and art lovers. The gallery was perfect for the two person show. We loved it!!