Calendar. 11.30.10. Basel Frazzle Edition.

Guess where I’m headed? God help me. (Photo C-M.)

  • Miami Beach: Art Basel Miami Beach, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, opens Thursday at noon.
  • Miami: Pulse Miami, at the Ice Palace in Miami, opens Thursday at 1pm.
  • Miami: Jonathan Meese, Sculpture, at MOCA North Miami, opens Wednesday.
  • Miami: Daniel Arsham, Alter, at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, opens today at 7pm.
  • Miami: Drawn and Quartered, curated by Gean Moreno, at World Class Boxing in the Wynwood District, opens Wednesday at 10am.
  • Miami: The Maginot Line, curated by Dennis Scholl, at David Castillo Gallery in the Wynwood District, opens Saturday at 7pm.
  • Miami: Abby Manock, at Gallery Diet in the Wynwood District, through Dec. 22nd.
  • Miami: Seven, a collaborative sort-of-fair among seven galleries, including Postmasters, Winkleman, PPOW and Pierogi, in the Wynwood District, opens today at 1pm.
  • Miami: #Rank, the Miami version of #class (in which artists go to Miami and stay pasty), at Seven in the Wynwood District, opens Wendesday at 6pm.
  • Miami: The opening of the Rubell Collection’s annual shows, How Soon Now and Time Capsule: Age 13-21, plus Just Right, Jennifer Rubell’s regular food extravaganza/freaky breakfast, this Thursday at 9am. All I know is there better be Hollandaise.
  • Miami Beach: Graffiti Gone Global, with Revok, London Police, Michael De Feo, Skewville and many others, at Sushi Samba, opens Wednesday 11am.
  • Miami Beach: Liquid Measures, at the corner of 3rd Street and Washington, on indefinitely.
  • Miami: A book party for Trespass, by Carlo McCormick and the folks from the Wooster Collective, this Friday. RSVP required.
  • Chicago: The Malling of Chicago, a discussion led by architecture critic Edward Lifson, at Goose Island Wrigleyville, this Wednesday at 6pm.
  • Milan: Orlan Aaka Orlan, at the Prometeo Gallery, through Jan. 8.