Photo Diary: Anselm Kiefer at Gagosian, in NYC.

Finally made it over to see the Anselm Kiefer show at Gagosian (which closes after Saturday). It’s kind of a hot mess, stuffed to the rafters with too much of everything — namely, a series of massive-ass vitrines full of ashen decay and stuff made with lead. Amid all the clutter, however, are some paintings I found quite compelling: a series of jagged mountainscapes made of thickly-piled paint.

Perhaps these appeal to me because I just spent several weeks in the Andes, where staring at a forbidding, vertical landscape is part of daily existence. But I wasn’t the only one. A kindly security guard told me that his favorite piece out of the entire exhibit was the painting at bottom. “If you stand back and look at it, it’s like you could be on a horse looking at that mountain, wondering how many days it will take you to get there,” he explained. “And then when you get close, all kinds of wonderful things happen.”

Photos by C-M.

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