C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: Stikman Calendar!!

Hey Folks:

The elusive street artist Stikman has given me a copy of his lovingly crafted 2011 wall calendar for a giveaway. Let’s just say y’all are lucky I don’t keep this one for myself.

Leave a comment and this little piece of Fun in the Sun could be all yours.


P.S. Been having a little work done on the site, so things may look janky until everything is sorted out.


  1. missingattribution

    oh joy oh rapture oh god i need to stop drooling. (seriously, that’s gross. bad me.)

    i’ve been itching for a suitable replacement for my now-irrelevant dangerous dames 2010 wall calendar (for a full two business days, mind you). could this be it?

    c-monster, you are much too generous in giving this away.

  2. Mike W

    That is a cool looking calendar. Has a vintage vibe to it. I resisted getting a calendar this year as I didn’t find one that I liked. This one is pretty awesome. And you can’t go wrong with a ginger as a model. :)

  3. Stephen McCabe

    After the dodgy Banksyesque calendar I received as a Christmas present, I think this would bring a much needed class to the wall of my bedroom. Much obliged if you threw it this way

  4. knonos

    “If a woman hasn’t got a tiny streak of harlot in her, she’s a dry stik as a rule” after dhlawrence

  5. richard

    I love seeing his work on the streets in DC. It’s fab seeing it there on the beach next to my wife! ;-)

  6. Louise F.

    Stikman goes to the beach!!! It’s funny, wonderful, and would look fabulous in my kitchen…!

  7. Brian

    Fascinating that the posture of the woman on the calendar is the same as the woman on your masthead.

  8. Scott

    I’m sure the resemblance to your header image is entirely coincidental? Really like the restrained nostalgic feel.

  9. Scarlett

    sexy vintage. this is a true gem and would take drastic measures so that i could hang this on my wall.

  10. mare

    love love love, i want your love…. oh wait, no i actually just really want this cal. GORGous. (as a dyslexic lover of mine used to spell…)