R.I.P. Good Ester, the One-Eyed Wonder Dog.

She was missing an eye. Her tongue hung out the side. She had arthritis that left her walking like John Wayne. Yet Ester ate like a horse and could tear into garbage like nobody’s business. She could also snort-sleep with the best of them. For her relentless positivity and creaky looks, Ester was my muse. On Sunday morning she passed away. I can’t even begin to express how wrenching this is to me. (And more so to her family.) Ester: You shall be sorely missed.


  1. Matthew L.

    I also knew Ester personally. She was a tremendous dog with a love for living. I will miss her too.

  2. San-suzie

    We got Ester about 12 years ago. She was more or less 5 years old then. She had been named Duracelli by her previous owners (who confused duracell with energizer batteries) because of the fact that she never stopped moving. For the last few months she began coughing incessantly and was in discomfort. She was blind and deaf already but if you put a french fry in front of her face, watch out! Ben Brandfon, my son and her main caretaker for years watched her keep her energy up nonetheless. She was, indeed, the best dog ever. C-Mon’s videos and photos online are keeping her alive for all of us.

  3. FRB

    Ester and I walked together for at least ten years twice a day everyday. And if she ever got off the leash she would start to run away but then she would look back. I would drop to my knees and she would come running back to me becuase she thought I was hurt. She was easy to love.