Nostalgia for the Net.

Last night, I attended a highly interesting panel at Hyperallergic HQ in Brooklyn called “Nostalgia for the Net” — in which an interesting crew of folks (including Joanne McNeil, of the always awesome Tomorrow Museum) reminisced about the early days of the internet, when connecting to one another digitally involved acronyms such as Telnet and BBS. At one point, the discussion drifted to Steve Lambert’s recent discovery of the movie Space Jam‘s website — in its pristine 1996 state. And it reminded me that, recently, while doing research for an upcoming story in ARTnews, I came across the Whitney Museum’s website for a 2001 digital art exhibit called Bitstreams. It has retained its early millennium layout — complete with reference to Netscape. Old school!

Find the site here. Or by clicking the image above.

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