C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: Jeff Koons, doing it!

Have you ever had a burning desire to admire the inkjet paintings of Jeff Koons doing it with his porn star ex-wife La Cicciolina? Well, consider this your lucky day. ‘Cuz I’m giving away one copy of the catalogue from the recent exhibit of Koons’ porny pictures from his exhibit at Luxembourg & Dayan.

Leave a comment and this little baby could be yours. All yours. Seriously.



  1. Moses Hawk

    I saw these when they first came out. The actual images are huge and somewhat uncomfortable to stare at. Leave it to Koons to make art that is controversial, not inspiring.

    As a collector I would be happy to have this keepsake….


  2. Zak Smith

    I’ll take it, but neither I nor any art gallery that represents me shall be held legally responsible for any damages caused by what I do with it.

  3. Jim

    Koons is one of my favorite artists – I wrote a small piece on him recently- his ability to use art speak is beyond anyone I have met.

  4. Marshall

    Man, oh man, this could be the solution to my overactive libido that I’ve always been looking for, and the perfect coffee table companion to my Patrick Nagel book.

  5. Chris Rusak

    I agree with Joanne. If I “win” can you just take a picture while you throw it in a trashcan? Perhaps the nearest one to the corner of 77th and Madison. An inkjet of this picture will be far more rewarding.

  6. GiovanniGF

    I’m not a fan of Jeff Koons, but I have to give him credit for this: I saw him speak once, and he described the painting of himself going down on Cicciolina as his version of “Déjeuner sur l’Herbe.”

  7. Louise F.

    I could shelve this book next to my thesis and then they could sit next to each other on a shelf actively avoided by most people together for ever…

  8. herRUMP

    why is ‘static kill’ written next to this book? are we suppose to use it to sop up a gusher? give it to Chris. an ink jet of it being tossed = that’s art that everybody wins with!

  9. William Wroy

    I probably jerk off in the studio enough as it is, but I stilll want this book!!! Static Kill?

  10. c-monster

    To answer the question about Static Kill: That’s an old piece of my hubby’s sketch paper. He must have jotted down the name of some paintings he was working on.

  11. Nikolas

    i’ll happily scan all of the images and start a high-brow porn website dedicated to spreading what’s hot and haute (i’m sure the domain hothaute.xxx is taken, but if you have any ideas for a better domain name, let us know)