C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: Beyond the Street edition.

Hey Folks:

I’ve got a copy of Patrick Nguyen’s and Stuart Mackenzie’s Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art to give away (courtesy of the kind folks at Gestalten). It’s a who’s who of street art’s scene-y scene. Y’all know the drill. Leave a comment and this puppy could be yours.

As always, muchas gracias for reading C-Mon.



  1. John G

    Me me me! This is exactly what I need to create the illusion of personal depth and erudite sophistication with a mere glance toward my coffee table!

  2. saydee

    this would be my first coffee table book in this apt (since everything i have is in storage) when ppl come over and look through the book i’ll say “oh man, i won this in a c-monster.net contest, you should check them out-they are awesome!” and my friends being the graffiti/art/street art/ artists or even simply fans will check you guys out..you know why? bc they know i’ll only put them on to some good shit

  3. Kay

    I’ve devoured the street art books from the library and have developed a bit of an addiction… but have grown no more money.

  4. KDM

    I would absolutely love to have this book…of course I am not the only one. Good luck to the rest of you lot, and enjoy it if you are indeed the lucky one:-)

  5. herRUMPHERrump

    Oh C-Monster, your shit’s so hot it even steams in a sauna. We don’t need these wonderful little give aways. We’ve already won by frequenting your site. But if your givin’, I’ll take.

  6. Tim

    Oh haaaaaaay. One thing I like more than free is books. Way to combine my two favorites in one!

  7. May

    help a street-art-deprived college student out!!