Photo Diary: Stuff artists are looking at.

Nefarious bacon thingies are occupying somebody’s psyche. And they’re now on view at Winkleman’s Curatorial Research lab in Chelsea. (Photos of photos by C-M.)

There’s a get-inside-the-mind-of-the-artist show going on at the Winkleman Gallery that is worth spending some quality time with. Signs on the Road is a found-object show about found objects: The organizers (a group known as Workroom G) got 150 artists to submit images of things that they are currently fixating on. And it’s a wonderfully random array of things, from photos of gnarly bacon appetizers to scans of marked-up books to a vintage prom advert that is all kinds of sky blue.

Over the course of the exhibit, the photographs will be arranged and rearranged by various collectives. The version I saw, on March 31, was damn intriguing, with oodles of twisted-crazy stuff to look at. It was like the best part of surfing the web, but without that feeling of being totally cracked out. If you go, be sure to take your time. You’ll miss lots of ridiculosity if you try to rush through.

Signs on the Road is up at Winkleman Gallery in Chelsea through April 30.

Landscapes like this fascinate me, partially because I think they represent the end of the human race as we know it.

Too. Much. Art. Some tuckered out museum-goers.

Mmmmm, cake.

An installation view of the show.

Ships sporting “dazzle” camouflage — also a source of inspiration to Jeff Koons (besides money, of course).

Rocking in the free world.

I do this to my books. In fact, I’ve never met a sticky I didn’t love.

Things I Must Get: Those Pants!!! These dovetail nicely with my current obsession with decorating my photos on Blingee. Speaking of which, if you’re on Blingee, friend me here. We can digitally vandalize art together!!!

Seriously, who took Elvis? That is so fucked up.

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