1. Cris Ronk

    Isn’t pasting a bunch of posters on the car defacing it? I wonder what the policy is on adding your own graffiti? Who looks out for the installation?

    So many questions…

  2. c-monster

    the cars have been graffiti’d (and stripped of their spare parts) for years. that’s kind of the point of the install…

  3. Cris Ronk

    I got that it’s the point of the graffiti… I’m just curious about the posters. I guess those will be gone before too long in the desert heat.

    Great blog btw.

  4. Sarah

    I love so many things about this! the clarity of the desert. the colors, the way the cars look like they organically appeared there just like any other desert rock formation.

  5. c-monster

    Yes! These are from Peru, they were created by the Urcuhuaranga family at Publicidad Viusa in Lima.