1. Jim Linderman

    I got yelled at TWICE. Once for opening the window in the little van they use to take you to the gift shop, and again when I asked the tour guide if we would be seeing the room Elvis died in.

  2. aa

    I went there once and all I could think of was the sheer number of dust mites that must inhabit all that icky shag carpet in the house.

  3. c-monster

    it’s been totally refurbished. it’s looking seriously shiny. i wanted to roll around on the plush carpets… not to mention the purple bedspread in the guest room…

  4. Joanne Mattera

    Do they still make the Love me Tender body lotion with the picture of Elvis on the squeeze bottle? I bought a ton of them to give as presents–a huge hit as bathroom art, though as far as I know, no one has ever actually used he stuff.