C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: 3-D Art Book edition.

Hey Folks:

I have a little treat from Prestel for giveaway purposes: Tristan Eaton’s 3-D Art Book, complete with trippy imagery supplied by more than a hundred artists — from Ron English to Miss Van. It comes equipped with two pairs of 3-D glasses. A good way to spend a stonerrific afternoon…

Leave a comment below and this little puppy could be all yours.



  1. E H

    I really didn’t like Dali until one time I are some mushrooms, once they wore off I didn’t like him anymore.

  2. Pete

    Cool book! Even cooler glasses! That would be a great addition to have!

  3. Jerry Trimmell

    there should be a whole series of illustrated classics like this … Ulysses by James Joyce in 3D !

  4. maree

    OH my goodness!! This is totally the best thing I have seen in ages. I’m currently crossing all extremities.. Thanks C- Monster!

  5. Evan

    I don’t have kids yet but may one day reproduce and cross over into schlubby parent type. And if that day does come, I hope to have a book like this to entertain them with. Until then I’d like it for my coffee table to entertain my drunk and stoned friends with. (Obligatory thank you as always for the great posts)

  6. Jeff Geib

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before,

    So it’s, like, pretty obvious who should get this book…

  7. Adam Lawrence

    So, it’s totally legit to pull the kids card?
    Both of my crazy boys have July bdays!
    It’s fate I tell ya!

  8. xenia

    so i’m looking below to leave a comment and it was actually on top you little joker ^_^ i’d love this book for my shelf. it needs it. i need it. hook up this book fiend!

  9. c-monster

    Thanks everyone for leaving a comment… Winner will be announced soon…

    and @yvonne: um, thanks for the link, i guess…