Photo Diary: Ramellzee at White Columns, in NYC.

I’m totally late on this (the show closed last week), but I nonetheless feel obligated to post something on the Ramellzee assemblages I saw at White Columns during all the gallery openings in September. The dude had a sense of material that was just off the hook: turning ordinary plastic coat hooks, tooth brushes, citrus juicers and bleach bottle caps into fantastical arrangements that look like intergalactic weaponry. All of this is just a way of saying that if you have an opportunity to check out his work at some point, do not miss. These are the sorts of pieces that become more and more fascinating the longer you stare at them. Photos don’t do these justice in the least. But you can supersize the images above by clicking on them.

In the meantime, get a quick overview of Rammellzee’s life from this obit in L.A. Times. He passed away last year.

This post is also an opportunity for me to say that whoever hung this piece should be spanked. Who puts a highly detailed assemblage over a staircase where no one can see it???? Plus, it’s crooked. Bad curator, BAD.


  1. Ries

    RAM was amazing. Besides this cool art, he was a very interesting underground rapper- his 45, that was paid for by Basquiat, is legendary and collectable, and really good, too.
    His later music was crazy and subversive, kind of a cross between William Burroughs, MC DOOM, and Hakim Bey, and he shared Bill Laswell with them as well-

    Beat Bop, with cover by JMB-

    Gettovetts, with Laswell, Buckethead, Nicky Skopelitis, and Bootsy.

    But thats just the tip of the iceberg- its his graffiti inspired philosophy, with alphabet letters becoming weapons, that really knocks me out-

    Harpoonic Whip Extenders for all, I say.

    He used to call himself the #1 Stain on the Train…

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