Calendar. 01.11.12.

This will be a tough piece to watch come together: Suzanne Lacey is doing a reprise of a 1977 work in which she tracked rapes in Los Angeles for a period of three weeks. This year, the artist, with the assistance of the LAPD, will do the same for the rest of the month of January. The L.A. Rape Map will come together in Deaton Auditorium at police headquarters in downtown as part of the Los Angeles Goes Live series of performance art exhibitions presented by LACE. Seems like a must-see to me. Get the details here. (Image courtesy of the artist and LACE.)


  1. Donald Frazell

    Excellent idea, rare in contemporary coptual “art”. However, it is obviously self absorbed as half of LA is cut out, centered on WeHo. As usual in the artsy set, its all about Wilshire to Ventura corridor, no one else matters. In other words, white LA. North of the 101, east of the 710, and south of the 105 are gone, and those few “colored” areas on the periphery.
    As usual with the Contempt set, selfish idea and bad execution.

    Creative art is all about searching for the essence of who WE are, the highest common denominaotr, Great cause, bad art.

  2. c-monster

    Actually, the project is bigger than what I show here. Because I don’t have space, I couldn’t show the whole map. (Click through for that.)