Photo Diary: The Van Gogh Gift Shop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Recently hit the Philadelphia Museum of Art for Zoe Strauss’s Ten Years (check it!) and Van Gogh: Up Close — the latter of which delivered a spectacular gallery devoted to paintings of grass (duuuude) and a gift shop that is part Whole Foods import aisle/part Marseille Provence Airport. In fact, I haven’t seen art merch this sublimely ridiculous since the Frida Kahlo extravaganza at SFMOMA a few years back.

And the pièce de résistance…

…the Starry Night tank dress!!!! Complete with beaded handbag.



  1. jonathan

    Thats funny. That ‘dutch licorice’ is ‘english licorice’ in the netherlands. they turned it around by putting ‘english’ on the little paper.

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