Miscellany. 05.11.12.

Mercury: Principle of Polarity: The Orbital Rebus by Mel Chin, at the New Orleans Museum of Art. (Courtesy of the artist.)

Sculpture by 3D! NYC. (Via Make.)

The New Aesthetic 101
There’s been a lot of chatter on the internetz about the New Aesthetic, a cultural theory that posits that man is starting to see and interpret the world in machine-like ways — specifically, computer-ish ways. (Think: pixel-y sculpture, like the one at right.) All of this was stirred up by writer/design James Bridle and released into the media wilds at a panel at SXSW. (Sort of covered in this rambling essay by Bruce Sterling in Wired.) But, for my money, if you’re really trying to get at what the new lingo purports to describe, see Joanne McNeil’s notes — in which she succinctly examines (with images) how technology has affected the way we see and, as a result, produce culture.

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