Kickstarter countdown: Almost there!!!

Hey Folks:

Whoa nelly, I can’t believe it, but with 11 days to go on Celso’s Kickstarter project, we are just a little more than $500 from reaching our goal. We’ve also been featured as a Kickstarter staff pick (see the image at right). So, with the finish line in sight, I’m hoping that I can beg a little bit of assistance from folks who read this blog and are into public art, Peruvian history and nuclear yellow soda. (I mean, who isn’t into nuclear yellow soda?) Even the smallest donations are a boon at this stage of the game. As you may well know, Kickstarter is all or nothing — so if we don’t make our goal, we don’t get a cent.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has donated their hard-earned bucks to the project (for which I will serve as chasqui and studio assistant). It’s been incredibly moving to hear from friends, artists and lots of folks we’ve never even had the pleasure of meeting. Also, a special super gracias goes to The Street Spot and Art Fag City for doing up some super sweet blog posts.

Please consider helping us out if you already haven’t. (And if you don’t have cash, Tweets and Facebook posts are also incredibly helpful!) Thanks again for your help and assistance — and for reading C-Mon.


P.S. And if we make it over the goal even better. It expands the Inca Kola budget!