Photo Diary: Opening of ‘Levitated Mass’ at LACMA.

All photos by C-Monster and El Celso.

There was lots of speechifying at the opening of Levitated Mass. We chose to sit well away from it — under the shade of a cluster of palms planted by Robert Irwin.

Grip-n-grin, people: Michael Heizer (in the yellow shirt with arms extended), with Mayor Tony (smiley dude w/white cuffs) and Michael Govan (far right), doing the first official walk-through.

Waiting for the first crowds to pour through Levitated Mass.

And pour through they did.

It was like a Black Friday sale.

The paparazzi were out in force…

… and so were the critics.

Things that are not part of the LACMA install — but should be.

Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass will be on view at the L.A. County Museum of Art through…forever.


  1. Adeaner

    how anti-climactic !
    Don’t get me wrong. It’s a very nice rock, but it was so much more fascinating and relevant and interesting when it was on the move. Too bad they didn’t make it more levitated with more space under it so you could maybe recline under and study it . . . . .

  2. c-monster

    there’s plenty of space underneath to hang out, actually… maybe photos don’t show the right angle?