O.C. Report: Adventures in Insanely Awesome Public Art.

Some days in Orange County you’re cruising along to Wal-Mart, minding your own business, when you stumble right into a monumental piece of sculptural spectacularness. I found these austere-yet-noble representations of the family on the corner of Portola and Alton in Lake Forest, the sprawling Southern California community that is otherwise known as the home of megachurch pastor Rick Warren. I know it’s totally cliché to call anything in O.C. fascist. (I worked at Fascist Island one Christmas.) But this little Gesamtkunstwerk has fatherland written all over it: Arno Breker meets Josef Thorak, but with more modest clothing.

All I gotta say is: worth the trip. Especially if paired with a visit to the In-N-Out Burger nearby.


  1. Doug C.

    Another detail: even in the larger size image there is a quality of androgyny (the skirt and breasts are the only way I can tell male from female) and there is a familial resemblance in the man and woman. Are they brother and sister perhaps?

    Does it look the same in place?