Photo Diary: Perform Chinatown, in L.A.

Box heads during a performance by Lucas Murgida at Perform Chinatown.

Finishing School’s interactive megaphones.

No idea who the performer is, but I dig this audience member’s dapper Wonder Woman ensemble.

Because I was eating burritos with my homegirl Vidalia and because I was combing the 99 cent stores of East L.A. for a porcelain mermaid and because I’m going through a period of abject slackerdom, I arrived seriously late to Perform Chinatown, a mini-performance festival, missing just about everything. Therefore I’m in no position to judge if anything was ‘good.’ I did, however, manage to snap a few pics. Including my head-of-a-pin-size portrait of Karen Finley (after the jump).

There needs to be a moratorium on QR code art. For serious.

Haunted Bouquet by Emilie Halpern. When the lights went out, the flowers glowed.

Not sure who this is. Ladies in black holding what appeared to be blue hackey sacks.

Disappeared, a performance by Elizabeth Leister. In these, a video a of a sketch artist drawing a missing woman plays in reverse against a wall. As the image disappears, Leister draws her own portrait of the woman.

The finished product.

My view of the Karen Finley performance at Coagula Curatorial. She read off an iPad in front of paintings of unicorns and flowers. I’d relay what went down, except I couldn’t hear a thing ‘cuz I was stuck behind some tall people outside. (The gallery’s website failed to mention that this was a ticketed show and tickets were only available via Facebook in advance. Serious suckage.)

While I was getting perform-y, my partner-in-crime Celso was at the Hermosa Beach Open beach volleyball championship, watching a dude in a straw hat ride the Jose Cuervo bucking bronco lime. (Check out the GIF.) Now this is performance art.

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