Photo Diary: Korean haircuts in Cuzco.

Apparently, this is a thing in Cuzco: so-called ‘Korean haircuts’ — as in haircuts inspired by K-Pop bands. Neither the people getting the haircuts or giving them are Korean, which makes this even more intriguing. And Peru doesn’t have a significant Korean population. (In fact, if there is a Korean population, it’s so small it doesn’t turn up in the official census stats.) Yet, somehow, K-Pop has entered the cultural ether (likely through the internet) and a few salons around town cater to lovers of the genre’s studiously disheveled shag ‘dos.


  1. Marlon Bishop

    This is an amazing find. I showed to our K-Pop department (at MTV, yes we have one) and they were like, oh yeah, Peru is all up on K-pop.

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  3. Hrag

    I think this a beautiful metaphor, because at then end of the day aren’t we all just looking for a Korean haircut?