C-Mon Giveaway Extravaganza: LP New York City.

Hey Folks:

My latest travel tome (co-authored with the very awesome Brandon Presser and Cristian Bonetto) is now out, and it covers none other than NYC. I wrote the sections on Brooklyn, the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Central Park and Harlem. (Charles Pan-Fried Chicken, FTW!!!) It also contains what has to be the single best hotel review I’ve ever penned in my life:

Hotel Williamsburg: This hipster hotel on the fringes of Williamsburg was a work in progress at press time, and like the second Death Star in the Empire Strikes Back, not fully operational. (It opened, behind schedule, in late 2011.) It’s insufferably chic, with tiny, minimalist rooms with glass-walled bathrooms — a stunning opportunity to see your traveling companion on the pooper. There is a large pool surrounded by design-conscious loungers, a too-cool-for school vinyl library, two bars and a restaurant. Overall an attractive spot, but pricey given the less-than-convenient location.

Thank god for Lonely Planet, ‘cuz those aren’t the sort of details you can get in the luxury rags. Credit for the Star Wars joke goes to my partner-in-crime, Celso, who is always handy with a turn of phrase. In the meantime, this handy little guide (a $20 value) could be yours for F-R-E-E. Just leave a comment below.



  1. Julie Yeh


    I haven’t been back to visit New York in 15 years. Would love to take my kids there to visit for the first time with a good guide book.

  2. GiovanniGF

    I’ve lived in NYC for nearly 20 years, so I’m just commenting in the hopes that you’ll accidentally give me your Lonely Planet Guide to Peru instead.

  3. Dave

    Working as a liaison for foreign students and vistors to Philadelphia (mainly from Asia), LP has always been a primary resource. The New York edition would be a welcome addition.

  4. Dan

    I’m heading to New York this December. It would definitely come in handy!

    I went there about 6 years ago, didn’t really feel like I got to take it all in. This time around spending a few weeks.

  5. Natalia W

    I’m thinking of heading down for a few weeks for the first time, from Montreal!! I’m so excited! :)

  6. c-monster

    Hey Everyone: Thanks for leaving your comments. The winner will be announced shortly. xox, C.

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