Photo Diary: Stanley Kubrick retrospective at LACMA.

Two screens playing clips from various Kubrick films flank the entrance to the show. I watched ‘em all.

A vitnage Adler typewriter, an original prop from The Shining. Wanted so desperately to touch it.

A reproduction model of the war room for Doctor Strangelove. Very Frank Lloyd Wright.

Reproduction mannequins from the Korova Milk Bar, from A Clockwork Orange.

A reproduction of the costume worn by Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. The sword-cane is an original prop.

A Spanish film poster for A Clockwork Orange.

One of John McCracken’s plank sculptures from the 1970s was placed inside the gallery devoted to 2001: A Space Odyssey, a reference to the film’s black monoliths. (Cheeky curators!) One of the ape figures (called a moon watcher) is reflected in the piece.

Born to Kill: the helmet from Full Metal Jacket.

The original dresses and shoes of the Grady sisters, from The Shining. Spooky.

Shooting the shooter.

The director’s chair.

I managed to get a gander at the Stanley Kubrick retrospective at LACMA in advance of its opening. It is definitely worth checking out. Many film-related exhibits at art museums are simple prop-fests, but the installations here provide some interesting insights into Kubrick’s methods and themes, from how he treated issues of power to how he utilized the color red. Plus, the show includes a whole rack of his photos from when he was a photographer for Look Magazine, which reveal that even in the early days, the man had a truly cinematic eye. Most significant, especially, for word types like me, is the fact that the typewriter from The Shining is on view — a living artifact from the freakiest film ever made about writer’s block.

Stanley Kubrick opens Thursday, at LACMA, and will be on view through June 30th.

Update: LACMA’s blog has a nice behind-the-scenes on the show’s installation.


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