Calendar. 10.31.12.

Sunset from the Kosciusko Bridge, NYC, June, 2011. (Photo by C-M.)

Like everyone else in the country, I’ve been tracking the storm as it barreled along the East Coast and pummeled New York, the city I called home for 19 years. It’s been pretty excruciating to watch — and certainly infinitely worse for everyone who experienced it.

As a matter of course (and in a fit of optimism), I’ve listed this week’s NYC gallery openings. But as Hyperallergic, Art Fag City, Artforum, Art in America, Jerry Saltz, and Gallerist NY have been reporting, numerous art neighborhoods have been hit hard by the floods (not to mention lots of individual artist studios) and no one can be sure that any of these openings will go down as planned, especially with the transportation systems in shut-down mode.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is safe and dry and that things soon return to the pre-storm levels of loud-mouthed self-obsession.


  • NYC: Trenton Doyle Hancock, at James Cohan Gallery. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea. Update: The opening has been rescheduled for Thursday, November 8 at 6pm.
  • NYC: Lima Rooftop Ecology, at Apexart. Opens Saturday at 3pm, in downtown Manhattan. Update: The gallery didn’t sustain any damage in the storm, but is currently closed due to power outages. Stay tuned.
  • NYC: Edgar Arcenaux, Building Loving & Distrustful Relationships, at Maccarone. Opens Saturday at 6pm, in the Meatpacking District. Update: Postponed until further notice.
  • NYC: Cy Twombly, The Last Paintings, at Gagosian Gallery. Opens Thursday, on the Upper East Side. Update: This opening is going on as planned. Any activities at the Chelsea galleries have been postponed.
  • NYC: Artist’s Choice: Trisha Donnelly, at the Museum of Modern Art. Opens Friday, in Midtown.
  • NYC: Francis Alÿs, Reel-Unreel, and Luc Tuymans, The Summer is Over, at David Zwirner. Opens Thursday at 6pm, in Chelsea. Update: This opening has been postponed. New date TBA.
  • NYC: Guillermo Kuitca, Diarios, at The Drawing Center. Opens Saturday, in SoHo. Update: The opening has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, November 7 at 6pm.
  • NYC: Ira Eduardovna, That. There. Then., at Momenta Art. Opens Friday, in Bushwick. Update: The opening has been rescheduled for Friday, November 9th at 6pm.
  • Philadelphia: Stikman, 20.1, at Stupid Easy Gallery. Opens Friday at 6pm.
  • Pittsburgh: Cory Arcangel: Masters, at the Carnegie Museum of Art. Opens Saturday.
  • Detroit: Revok, Ordinary Things, at Library Street Collective. Opens Friday at 8pm, in downtown.
  • Indianapolis: Beauty and Belief: Crossing Bridges with the Arts of Islamic Culture, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Opens Friday.
  • Chicago: Anna Jóelsdóttir, flying through the cuckoo’s nest, at Zg Gallery. Opens Friday at 5pm.
  • Miami: Dona Altemus, Onajide Shabaka, Magnus Sigurdarson, Rick Ulysse and Antonia Wright, Trading Places II, at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. Shabaka is leading a tour through his space at the museum tonight at 6pm. This is the last two weeks to catch this show, which is up through November 11.
  • L.A.: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Autodestrucción 1, at Regen Projects. Opens Saturday, in Hollywood.
  • L.A.: (Re-) Cycles of Paradise, at LACE. Opens Thursday, in Hollywood.
  • L.A.: Ken Gonzales-Day, Profiled, Hang Trees, Portraits, at Luis de Jesus. Through December 8 in Culver City.
  • S.F.: Jasper Johns, Seeing with the Mind’s Eye, and Jay Defeo: Retrospective, at SFMOMA. Opens Saturday.

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