Photo Diary: The Mexicali Biennial at the Vincent Price Art Museum.

A detail from the installation Failed Mascots, 2012, by Candace Lin.

Terrestrial, 2012, by Cindy Santos Bravo, a sculpture made with pointy boots.

El Reporte Femenil/The Female Report, 2012. One of the show’s standout pieces. Watch it here.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, 2012, by Juan Bastardo.

From Matt MacFarland’s “Steakation” series.

Cannibal, 2009, by Zoe Gruni.

Checkpoint with Stainless Steel, 2012, by Sergio Bromberg. Visitors could place their head in the loop and their hand in the slot and have their images transmitted to a website the artist created — though the site is only accessible from Mexico.

Couldn’t find the wall text on this one.

Appetite Apparatus #1 (Baker-Miller Pink, Suppressant), 2009, by Christopher Reynolds. Don the pink glasses and stare at at this for 15 minutes and it will allegedly suppress your appetite. (I wasn’t hungry to begin with, so I don’t think it did much for me — though I did feel very calm after taking in all that pink.)

Natalia Anciso’s installation, Platicando con Las Comadres.

A detail from Anciso’s piece, which featured black and white images of people — looking like the ghosts of news photographs — tucked amid the brightly painted table cloth flowers.

Juan Luna Avin’s gumball machine dispensed photocopied band flyers and a code for downloading a music box set.

The Mexicali Biennial is up through April 13 at the Vincent Price Art Museum at East L.A. College.


  1. Amy Pederson

    The black plastic penis explosion is part of Hell-0′s installation–this is the art metal band collective consisting of Ichiro Irie, Mike Dee, and Martin Durazo.

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