Find me talking to Richard Jackson at Artbound…

Richard Jackson's

The floor underneath Jackson's

Wall Murals for Orange County, installed by Richard Jackson at OCMA.

Hey Folks:

I’ve got a profile of the inimitable L.A. painter Richard Jackson up at KCET’s Artbound. Jackson is one of those under-recognized SoCal figures with a penchant for producing ephemeral works. Which means if you didn’t see it the first time, chances are you didn’t see it at all — he’s not big on producing saleable objects. Now he’s got a retrospective up at the Orange County Museum of Art through May 5.

Please click through to the KCET piece and give it a thumbs up or a Retweet if you can. If the story gets a lot of traffic, then KCET does a TV segment. And I desperately want to see a TV bit about Jackson — who is a funny, smart, no bullshit kinda guy.

Update: the piece is now up for vote on KCET’s website. Please click through! A vote for Jackson is a vote for artistic pandemonium!!!

You’ll find a few more pics from opening night after the jump. If you live in the greater SoCal area, this show is worth the haul.


Photos above, top to bottom: Jackson’s “Bad Dog” relieves himself on the side of the museum, the floor underneath “Painting With Two Balls,” and a pair of his site-specific wall murals.

Painting With Two Balls, by Richard Jackson.
Painting With Two Balls, a tribute to Jasper Johns.

1000 Clocks
1000 Clocks – last seen at the 1992 MOCA exhibit Helter Skelter.

The Laundry Room by Richard Jackson (tribute to Jacques-Louis David's 'Death of Marat')
The Laundry Room, a tribute to Jacques-Louis David’s Death of Marat.

A schematic for a stacked painting piece
A schematic for a stacked painting piece — in which Jackson paints hundreds of canvases and then uses the wet paint to adhere them, creating architectural structures.

Recreation of 'Maze for Eugenia Butler Gallery'
A detail from the recreation of Maze for Eugenia Butler Gallery, a piece Jackson originally did in 1970.