Photo Diary: In the Good Name of the Company, at ForYourArt.

In the Good Name of the Company at ForYourArt

In the Good Name of the Company

After all what other city would name its most romantic road after a water-services engineer.

Elvis Was Not Here at Colby Poster show at ForYourArt

Steel Belted Radial at ForYourArt

Pasadena Art Museum New Paintings of Common Objects Colby Poster

Colby Poster Cake

Lots of historic, interesting stuff in this show about the fabled Colby Poster Printing Company (which recently closed) at ForYourArt. The cake was good, too. In the Good Name of the Company is on view through March 23. You have one more week…

Also saw a couple of interesting bits of L.A. landscape on my way to the show:

Launderland (by C-Monster)


Valets all in a row at Regen Projects


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