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Taking the pulse at Pulse New York.

Detail of an installation by Curtis Mann at Kussenneers Gallery from Antwerp, at Pulse New York. (Photos by C-M.)

If I had to pick one word to described Pulse, it would be “shiny.” That’s probably because I can’t get the visual of Kristian Kozul’s bedazzled mechanical bull out of my head – swinging around the café area like a giant designer handbag. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of non-blingy (and highly interesting) stuff to ogle, from Curtis Mann’s bleached-out pictures at Kussenneers, to Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova clever porn parody shots at SPACE, to the serene black-and-whites of Sarah McKenzie Beth Dow at Jen Bekman to the installation of pictures and video by Eve Sussman and the Rufus Corporation at Edward Winkleman. (While at Winkleman, don’t miss Joy Garnett’s apocalyptic landscape paintings, hanging on the outside wall.) There’s an eyeful to see and plenty to buy — including, hilariously, a booth shilling condos by I.M. Pei.

The fair is up through 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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Armory-palooza: Photos from the main event.

Free Twinkies at Pace Wildenstein. No Little Debbies in sight. (Photos by C-M, unless otherwise stated.)

That giant art supermarket on the piers, known as the Armory Show, is open for business! And no matter how snobbarrific this event can be, it also, at times, takes on the lowbrow sheen of a tattoo convention. Take, for example, the cereal portrait of Barack Obama at Philadelphia’s Cerealart. Or the free Twinkies (above) being dispensed by the über-galleristas at Pace Wildenstein. Or the Kenny Scharf golf cart driven by a guy in a space suit that dispenses free donuts. (I gnoshed on a French cruller.) It’s as if everyone was catering to the little stoner that lives inside each and every one of us. 

There was incredible stuff, too: The Michael Vazquez canvases at Fred Snitzer, the Don Bachardy drawings at Cheim & Reid. And, of course, those seriously gnarly bottle-cap sculptures by El Anatsui. Sublime!

If you haven’t had quite enough Armory, here’s me blabbing about it on WNYC.

The show runs through 7 p.m. on Sunday.

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The Best Dive Bars for Armory-palooza in NYC.

Need to get your drink on after pondering the state of the art market? Boy, do we have the places for you. (Photos by C-M.) 

Everyday, it seems that the economy sucks harder. Which means that an awful lot of gallerists and artists are gonna be white-knuckling it through New York’s Armory Week as they try to move merch at a time when few people are busting open their wallets. This is where comes in. All of us, at some point this week, are gonna need a good stiff drink. Or seven. Either because we’re not making any money. Or because art fairs make us want to shove sticks in our eyes. So, in honor of Armory-palooza, I have rounded up the best spots for grabbing a snort — all in relatively close proximity to the fairs. I’ve even created a handy Google map that you can print and take with you. Cheers! And pray for a miracle.

NEAR THE ARMORY SHOW AND SCOPEJ. Mac’s. 600 W. 57th Street, west of 11th Ave. This eight year old spot is popular with the neighborhood auto mechanics, as well as the artists from the nearby chashama studios. It’s all bottles, no draft. But there’s a vintage cigarette machine that dispenses Marlboros, Newports and Parliaments and a pool table where a game costs a buck. The best part? The following advice, which is prominently displayed on the wall: “All you need in this life is a tremendous sex drive and a great eye. Brains don’t mean shit.” We’ll drink to that.

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Photos: The Red Dot Fair in NYC.

Red Dot
Dan Lydersen at Jack Fischer Gallery at the Red Dot Fair. (Photos by C-M.)

We decided to check out one more fair before our brains exploded and headed over to Red Dot at the Park South Hotel (where we also happened to be represented on a panel). The location is ideal for a couple of reasons: one, there’s excellent Indian food all over the neighborhood (we heart Tiffin Wallah!) and, two, it’s just a block and a half from the hallucinatory margaritas at Rodeo Bar.

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Photos: Volta New York.

Volta New York
Sage Vaughn painting at Volta. (All photos by C-M.)

The Volta New York fair is everything a fair should be (provided you accept the premise that they should exist in the first place). For one, it’s small. Two: it’s conveniently situated on 34th Street, just two blocks away from the good eats in Koreatown. Three: it’s one artist per gallery, so your brain doesn’t feel like it’s errupting when you saunter through. Four: they were giving away free samples of Basil Hayden bourbon. (Take it neat.) The only thing that could make this event truly flawless would be an on-site taco stand, in which case we would never, ever leave.

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Photos: Pulse New York.

Pulse New York
No. 18 by Wan Zhijie. (All photos by C-M.)

Yesterday we packed a lunch and trekked down to Pulse New York, over at Pier 40 in the West Village, where people (like me) ordinarily get their cars out of the impound. Pulse is Armory’s hipper sibling: younger and less pretentious. And I’m a fan of their new site because it’s just a brisk 15-minute walk from Johnny’s, where I once watched a golden retriever – seated at the bar – take a lick out of Celso’s margarita.

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Photos: Armory-palooza, NYC.

Armory Show
This is what it’s like to attend the Armory Show, an art bazaar on an industrial scale. Shown here: Irreversible depth of progress by Jin Meyerson at Emmanuel Perrotin. (All photos by C-M.)

Yesterday I donned my blackest finery and my smartest European eyewear and joined the Hans and Franzes for Armory-palooza 2008. As always, there was plenty of air kissing, champagne, high-heeled boots and, of course, the pervasive smell of money.

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