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Mad Scientist: Scott Wilson’s Clockwork Atomics.

One of the many vintage WMDs sketched out by Scott Wilson. (Images courtesy of Scott Wilson.)

The humble napkin: duster of crumbs, wiper of spit, ideal matter on which to sketch the blueprints of the mighty machines that will inhabit some future dystopia. Scott Wilson captures the germ of all manner of imagined contraptions on napkins and rounds them up in his new book, WMDs of the 1880s. Herewith, a tiny preview of his highly-compelling mad-scientist doodles.

See a full gallery of Wilson’s work on his website. You can pick up a copy of the book at Blurb.

The Digest. 09.30.09.

An Ottoman map of the fortress of Ancona produced by Piri Reis in 1525 CE and dedicated to Sultan Suleyman I. See it large. Find a slideshow of other illuminated Ottoman maps here. (Image courtesy of the Walters Art Museum.)

Calendar. 09.29.09.

Nebraska Evening, 1941, by Thomas Hart Benton. (Image courtesy of the Amon Carter.)

Calendar. 08.20.09.

Jim Avignon, The Big Bailout Burlesque at Factory Fresh. (Image Courtesy Factory Fresh.)

  • In NYC: Factory Fresh hosts live music and performances, including Larry’s Fake-Tattoo Performance, the one-man band Neoangin and Kim Boekbinder of Vermillion Lies, Friday at 8pm.
  • In NYC: The Breaking Point, Eric Ayotte, Melody Boone and Ryan O’Connor at Work, opens Saturday at 6pm. Includes BBQ and dancing.
  • In NYC: 1(212): A Summer Wasted, with Marissa Bluestone & Peter Feigen baum, opens today.
  • In SF: Color Between the Lines, Erik Parra and Danny Neece, at Artillery, opens today.

Photos: Dominican artists Quintapata at the Centro Cultural de España in Lima.

Boobies!!! A whole wall of them. The piece is titled Muro, 2009 by Raquel Paiewonsky. (Photos by C-M.)

While my mission on this trip to Lima has been to eat and to eat again, I have managed to sneak in a few visits to art galleries between degustaciones. The best show thus far has been an exhibit of contemporary Dominican art that I happened to catch at the Centro Cultural de España on the Plaza Washington, near downtown. The show, Mover la roca (Move the Rock), features new works by the D.R. arts collective Quintapata, whose members are Tony Capellán, Pascal Meccariello, Raquel Paiewonsky, Jorge Pineda and Belkis Ramírez. Overall, a highly interesting show. And way better than the couch art I’ve been admiring at many of the city’s commercial art galleries.

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Calendar. 03.19.09.

Affordable Housing, by Ross Jones. (Image courtesy of William Angel Gallery.)

Anxiety Room: Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon at Factory Fresh in NYC.

Hard at work. (Photo courtesy of Factory Fresh.)

Illustrators Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon have been busily collaborating in the deep, dark recesses of the Factory Fresh basement on a series of works that will go on display this Thursday, Feb. 12 in a show called Anxiety Room. If you’re in Brooklyn, check ‘em out! The show will be up through March 15.

Calendar. 02.10.09.

Slow Storm, 2006 by Danica Novgorodoff at Out of Sequence, at the Lab at Belmar in Lakewood, Colo. (Image courtesy of the Denver Post.)