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Photos: Superheroes Fashion & Fantasy, at The Met.

© Sam Horine
Mystique of the X-Men: Ladies, this is what happens when you don’t moisturize. You become a shape-shifting supervillain with perky tits and an attitude.

Badass photographer Sam Horine (who, coincidentally, has a coupla pix in this month’s L Magazine photo issue) was at the media preview for The Met’s new animated hero/sartorial extravaganza, Superheroes Fashion & Fantasy. (Can you say crowd-pleaser?) Sadly, he was unable to secure any multi-million-dollar images of TomKat, J.Lo or Plastic Woman (and if he did, I have a feeling he wouldn’t be giving them to He did manage, however, to slip us a few good pix of the show, which looks like a sci-fi-meets-fashion-meets-museum wet dream. Though there does seem to be one glaring curatorial omission. Two words: Edna Mode.

The show is up through September 1st, 2008. See Horine’s full set of photographs at

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Ivory Tower: Rome Prize winners in NYC.

Lucius K Wilmerding
Lucius K. Wilmerding (that’s his name, for reals), President of New York City’s Union Club from 1920 to 1923. (Photo by C-M.)

The American Academy in Rome announced the winners of the 2008 Rome Prize at the Union Club (no denim, no sneakers) last week and C-Monster was there! I was so eager to attend the ceremony, in fact, that I fell flat on my face on Park Avenue just prior to my arrival, irrevocably screwing up my favorite pair of pink, polka-dotted tights and skinning at least two square inches off my left knee. Being the devout reporter I am, I sat through the ceremony nonetheless, which included an interesting lecture about contemporary archaeological practice by Brian Rose. The geek in me was absolutely riveted.

The big part of the evening, however, was the presentation of the nearly three dozen prize winners, along with a cursory description of each of their projects – all delivered in a lilting Italian accent. Bellissimo! Rome Prize fellows, just so you know, get to go hang out in Rome, where they can live, think, research, ponder and write – all on the Academy’s dime. Naturally, most of the winners are working on projects related to Italy-centric topics, with the Tiber River popping up as an especially popular subject. But there were a number of projects that jumped out at us:

  • Cathy Lang Ho is going to be working on a paper about how new media outlets are challenging print publications in the world of architecture.
  • Matthew Monteith, a Brooklyn photographer, will be undertaking a project in which he photographs people interacting with art in Rome.
  • And covering a subject we’re particularly fascinated with here at Rosa Lowinger, an L.A. conservator, will be doing a report on the history of art vandalism. Hell yeah!

After the announcements were made, and a somewhat viscous scab of equal parts dried blood and Park Avenue asphalt had formed on my knee, we all retired to the Union Club’s atrium (under the steady gaze of Lucius K. Wilmerding) to air kiss and sip white wine and dip into a platter of crudité…

…with Ranch dressing.

Now, after all the we-love-Italy buildup during the ceremony, the food came as a bit of a disappointment – to say the least. I would have figured that this being the American Academy in Rome, they’d lay out a little mozzarella di bufala or some prosciutto di parma. Instead, we got celery sticks and Hidden Valley. C’mon guys, couldn’t you find someone to whip up a tray of Totino’s pizza rolls? Someone needs to have a sit-down with the folks in catering. As far as these things go, however, the ceremony wasn’t a bad time. Grazie mille for the vino. And next year, please have the Band-Aids waiting when I arrive.

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Photos: Volta New York.

Volta New York
Sage Vaughn painting at Volta. (All photos by C-M.)

The Volta New York fair is everything a fair should be (provided you accept the premise that they should exist in the first place). For one, it’s small. Two: it’s conveniently situated on 34th Street, just two blocks away from the good eats in Koreatown. Three: it’s one artist per gallery, so your brain doesn’t feel like it’s errupting when you saunter through. Four: they were giving away free samples of Basil Hayden bourbon. (Take it neat.) The only thing that could make this event truly flawless would be an on-site taco stand, in which case we would never, ever leave.

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Photos: Armory-palooza, NYC.

Armory Show
This is what it’s like to attend the Armory Show, an art bazaar on an industrial scale. Shown here: Irreversible depth of progress by Jin Meyerson at Emmanuel Perrotin. (All photos by C-M.)

Yesterday I donned my blackest finery and my smartest European eyewear and joined the Hans and Franzes for Armory-palooza 2008. As always, there was plenty of air kissing, champagne, high-heeled boots and, of course, the pervasive smell of money.

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In NYC: C-Monster at the Red Dot Fair.

Red Dot Fair
Image courtesy of Red Dot.

In what should no doubt be a morning full of hijinks and hilarity, I’m gonna be on a panel this Sunday with esteemed fellow bloggers Edward Winkleman, Paddy Johnson, Carol Diehl and Sharon Butler. We’re gonna be blabbin’ and bloviatin’ about bloggin’ and what it all means. Joanne Mattera will moderate. So, if you’re not sleeping off a hangover, come on down!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008
11:00 a.m.
Red Dot Fair NYC
Park South Hotel
122 E. 28th St., btw. Park & Lex.

General admission to the fair is $12. (Sorry, wish it were free.) Get the full blast of Red Dot’s other programs here.

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Photos: Korin Faught at Corey Helford in L.A.

Korin Faught @ Corey Helford
Cassie by Korin Faught, from her solo show at Corey Helford. Photos by Vidalia.

We here at appreciate nothing more than beautiful paintings devoted to moody brunettes. Giving us a resplendent eyeful is painter Korin Faught, who had her first solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, Calif. this past weekend. Dear Korin: Please call us whenever you need fresh models. We may not be this luscious, but we are definitely brunette. The show runs until April 19th.

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In Miami: Upper East Side Garden’s One Year Anniversary Party.

Upper East Side Garden
Image courtesy of Upper East Side Garden.

The Upper East Side Garden, Miami’s best cheap and artsy hang, is having their one year anniversary party this Saturday, March 22nd, 2008, starting at 7pm. Jacin Giordano has created a brand new hazard for the garden’s artist-designed mini-golf (which also includes pieces by Daniel Arsham, Cristina Lei Rodriguez and Hernan Bas). On the musical roster are performances by Perspects, Romulo del Castillo, John Hancock and Otto Schirach, as well as DJ sets by Plot and Nektar. There will even be a miniature horse in attendance. Cover is $10 (and includes beer!)

Get the full details on the Garden’s website.

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Photos: Ides of March at ABC No Rio, in NYC.

ABC No Rio
Mac McGill, on the third floor at ABC No Rio’s Ides of March. (Photos by C-M.)

As the character of Manhattan’s Lower East Side is wrung dry by gentrification (a fancy-pants hotel on Rivington anyone?), it is reassuring to know that a few neighborhood hold-outs are still alive and breathing in the city. ABC No Rio, the crumbling Rivington Street tenement and artist/punk music squat (taken over by a group of artists and activists in 1980) is still hosting poetry readings and art shows. It is also home to various activist organizations and events.

Last week, the group launched its biannual building-wide exhibition, Ides of March, featuring a variety of works in an equal number of media by artists from all over the city. The theme: collaboration. The collective also unveiled its design for a new building, designed by Paul Castrucci.

The show is up until April 4th, and will conclude with a benefit art auction to help fund construction. You can read about the group’s storied history in the Brooklyn Rail. (For all you high art types: there’s even a Joseph Beuys connection.)

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