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Outside the Lines at MOCA today!

Outside the Lines artist coloring book by Souris Hong-Porretta

Hey Folks:

Souris Hong-Porretta is launching her Outside the Lines artist coloring book at MOCA Grand Avenue today, Saturday, from 3-6pm.

There will be music and coloring and plenty of artistes present, including Bret Nicely, Carol Es, Celso, CYRCLE, Dabito, Gary Baseman, JEGA, Jeni Yang, John Freeborn, Katsuo Design, Keith Scharwath, Kozyndan, Laurie Lipton, Lia Halloran, Min Cha, RISK, Saelee Oh, Shepard Fairey, Sherise Lee, Silvio Porretta, Steven Harrington, Theresa Castro, Tofer Chin, Travis Millard, Young Kim and Yuri Shimojo.

If you don’t already have a book, you can pick one up at the MOCA bookstore. And if you’re not in L.A., there is always the internets.

Calendar. 09.18.13.

Film still from Una dia De Vida, directed by Emilio 'El Indio' Fernandez, 1950, at LACMA. (Copyright Televisa Foundation)
Film still from Una dia De Vida, directed by Emilio ‘El Indio’ Fernandez, 1950. From the exhibit Under the Mexican Sky: Gabriel Figueroa — Art and Film, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Opens on Sunday. Saw this show at the preview, by the way, and it’s all kinds of wonderful. Do not miss. (Image courtesy of the Televisa Foundation.)

Calendar. 09.12.13.

Peak, 2012, by Robert Pruitt, at Koplin del Rio
Peak, 2012, by Robert Pruitt. Part of the artist’s solo exhibition Fantastic Sagas, at Koplin del Rio. Opens Saturday, in Culver City. Artist talk at 4pm; reception at 6pm. (Image courtesy of the artist and Koplin del Rio.)

Calendar. 07.24.13.

Pereira and Luckman, Original LAX Scheme, Courtesy LAX Flight Path Learning Center
The original scheme for LAX, by the firm of Pereira and Luckman. From the exhibition Never Built L.A., at the Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles; opening Sunday. (Courtesy LAX Flight Path Learning Center.)

Calendar. 07.10.13

Bong Rips at the Community Ceramics Center by Brion Nuda Rosch
Bong Rips at the Community Ceramics Center, 2011-13, by Brion Nuda Rosch. Part of the artist’s solo exhibit at ACME in Los Angeles, opening Saturday at 6pm in Mid-Wilshire. (Image courtesy of the artist and ACME.)

Miscellany. 06.25.13.

Nail salon landscape
Nail salon landscape. (Photo by C-M.)

Previewing Peter Zumthor’s LACMA basestar.

Detail of Peter Zumthor's model for the new LACMA building

Got a look at Peter Zumthor’s proposed design for the new LACMA building. It is all kinds of amazing. Find my write-up in ARCHITECT Magazine.

Above is one of my favorite features of the new design: the eastern portion of the building cantilevers over the La Brea Tar Pits’ biggest tar lake. In my view, this is one of L.A.’s most underrated sights. I’m glad to see the museum paying attention to it. (Photo by C-M.)

In Channa Horwitz’s Orange Grid.

Inside Orange Grid by Channa Horwitz at Francois Ghebaly.

I recently spent some quality time inside Channa Horwitz‘s installation at François Ghebaly in Culver City, the last gallery show organized by the artist before her death in April. I liked the installation so much I made a GIF of all its movable parts (in addition to putting together a few words about it). Horwitz also has an interesting personal story. Click through to Hyperallergic to get the scoop — and the GIF.