Category: Miami

Calendar. 05.19.09.

Chusma, 2008 by Luis Gispert. (Image courtesy of Fredric Snitzer.)

The Digest. 02.23.09. Delta Airlines blows edition.

Beast, in Miami. Saw this building-sized bomb while standing in line at Enriqueta’s for their super succulent pollo a la plancha. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 12.04.08.

Welcome to Miami: This year, I couldn’t make it to Art Basel. But I can still channel its spirit. Party like it’s the end of the world, you crazy muthas. Because it is. (Photo by C-M.)

Calendar. 11.04.08.

Zoe Strauss. (Image courtesy of WCB.)

The Digest. 09.18.08.

Christian Curiel at Kevin Bruk
Christian Curiel at Kevin Bruk Gallery in Miami. His show, Collapsing Inwards, is up through Nov. 11th. (Photo by C-M.)

The Digest. 09.15.08.

Loriel Beltran at Fred Snitzer
Detail of a paint sculpture by Loriel Beltran at Fred Snitzer in Miami. His show, Process/Processed, is up through 10/4. See footage of a shirtless Beltran at work here. Hubba hubba… (Photo by C-M.)

I’m back! And ready to grumble. Thanks for your patience during my absence. xox, C.